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Do you want your home with a nice wood exterior, but worry about maintenance to keep the wood looking fresh for years to come? Worry no more, we have plenty of options for you from PVC, Steel, and Aluminum siding that look like wood planks. They are maintenance free and cost about the same as wood panels. Plenty of colors to choose from with wood grains, or just plain, so you can get modern design, and no maintenance. Installation is simple and easy.


Our Alu Design aluminum facade panels meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, giving them the opportunity to implement even the most exclusive facilities. Panels Alu Design is a product of the highest quality and maximum durability. It is an extruded aluminum profile which thanks to anodizing gives all the qualities of natural aluminum. The appropriate extrusion process gives the profile a unique brushing appearance, which additionally increases the aesthetic value of the facade. Our panels guarantee completely dry assembly and an innovative, quick, and simple method of fixing and joining any series of our panels.


PVC panels give all the options that aluminum panels but characterizes with lower cost. You can combine both Alu and PVC panels together thanks to an installation system that both panels are sharing.


With modern technology in metal coatings, Vesta Steel Siding reinvents shiplap, exchanging wood decay and paint chipping with enduring steel, giving residential design a new classic silhouette. Patented shiplap provides relentless performance against the elements and unmatched impact resistance. Won’t wick water and rot overtime like other siding materials. Every square inch of Vesta Steel Siding is protected by CarbonTech90™, a galvanization process that applies an anticorrosive zinc barrier to an already popular siding alternative.

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We Source Our Windows From the Leading Manufacturer in Europe.

PVC windows combine safety, durability, energy efficiency, and functionality with wide range selection in styles and colors. Our windows look good and save you money at the same time.

Top-quality A-Class Windows

A perfect solution for demanding clients! Modern design, innovative technology and high energy efficiency that ensure lower heating bills!

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Upgrade to Modern, European Style and Enhance Your Living Space!

EBS was created with the idea to give customers the option to customize and be more creative with their home.
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